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What is that, Velvet? 5 Ways to Add Youthfulness & Comfort while Pairing a Classic Staple


Please note that this post does not contain affiliate links. Any items purchased will not reward a commission- at know extra cost to you.

Fall is one of my most favorite seasons of the year. It most certainly presents the best opportunity to style effortlessly, even to perfection without the hassle of discomfort from over dressing due to crushing cold or under dressing as a result of smoldering heat... And for that reason, velvet is one of my most desirable fabrics to compliment my fall wardrobe. So what's the difference between velvet and velveteen? I'm glad you asked. Velveteen is a type of cloth made to imitate velvet. Normally cotton, the term is sometimes applies to a mixture of silk and cotton. Moreover, it's a fusion of fabrics. Because of the fusion of fabrics, velveteen tends to be a bit tough, whereas velvet's texture tends to be soft, stretchy, and more comfortable- and this is why it's classic and a fall staple.

1. Wear Black Velvet paired with gold accessories to create charisma and flattering appeal. Add a pair of lengthy earrings in a neutral or vibrant color to create balance and symmetry.

The image to the right displays a soft black stretch velvet dress paired with gold plated hair clip and coordinating gold feather earrings. Accessories can be purchased from Crowned in Royalty Boutique.

Velvet is one of my favorites and go-to pieces for many reasons. I'm not a size 2, and not nearly a 6, yet. So what you didn't know is that I was

Bruno's inspiration for writing, "Chunky"! Yep, that's me, the girl with the hoops, in the boots! Well, in my mind at least. I digress, the bottom line is that I love the feel and look of stretch

velvet and how it contours, slims, and for the most part is comfortable. Especially if you're not wearing it from head to toe. Unless, it's a catsuit, and if so just go for the gusto.

2. Stretch velvet can be your friend! Select pieces that compliment your body type. Layer as needed and select shoes that enhance best assets. Booties pair well with over the knee, stretch velvet skirts and tights.

3. There is a freedom in mixing and matching pieces, colors, and prints... This is where the fun and youthfulness takes shape literally and figuratively. Pair a velvet skirt with a sweater and relaxed pair of boots for a casual chic look. Turn a boyfriend's sweater into a feminine work of art. See photo below.

4. Exchange the chunky boots for a polished pair of heels to achieve a more boss babe glam effect.

With the holiday season around the corner, velvet is a great choice for the hostess doing the most-est! Host your guest in style-while maintaining comfort. The black velvet stretch pants worn below are an absolute favorite. I've worn these pants as a size 18, and now somewhere between 12-14. I've had them for at least four years. The pair worn below is from Target, but trust, velvet stretch pants aren't hard to find. (See photo below.)

"I am in no way affiliated with the above mentioned business. I will not be compensated in any way."

So... I realize there's a whole lot to unpack when it comes to LuLaRoe, but hear me out. I love "some" of their quality pieces... and NO!, I have never been a consultant, and I don't intended on becoming one. I do apologize if the L word is triggering for those who may have had an unpleasant experience with the company. I haven't watched the Netflix documentary. Nevertheless, I wouldn't want to inadvertently cause anyone emotional pain. (Glance away from the next paragraph, please.)

5. Take advantage of virtual shopping apps where common people are able to sell goods.

I have a closet full of velvet LuLaRoe pieces, brand new, with tags, thanks to Poshmark! I figure I can support the women ripped off by the MLM sit-u-a-tion-ship, in hopes of helping reps recoup their money - while I rack-up deals on quality pieces... Win-win, don't you agree! I think so... Check out velvet pieces I've purchased from Poshmark that pair well with Crowned in Royalty accessories. You too can benefit from frugal finds on the app as well, while taking advantage of current promo from Crowned in Royalty Boutique.

"Here again, I am in no way affiliated with the above mentioned business. I will not be compensated by the above mentioned organization.

Most importantly, break all the rules. The only fashion rule is to wear confidence, daily. Have fun this season and stay warm. I hope you enjoyed these tips. Use code: HOLIDAYSTYLE for 30% off between now and December 25, 2021, on all earrings and necklaces. Enjoy!


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