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Hi, I'm Catherine-Nichole, and I help you identify your regalness through inspiration, style, education, and introspective healing that leads to self-love, clarity, and a purposeful abundant life. 

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Crowned In Royalty Launches " Crown Me Queen" Beauty, Style, & Accessories Monthly Sub

Crowned In Royalty is pleased to announce the launch of "Crown Me Queen" Beauty, Style, & Acessories Subscription Box.

2017 is off to a rocking start, and Crowned In Royalty is in the thick of it! Beginning January 15, you can get accessories, jewelry, headwear, fashion, and style essentials fit for a queen delivered to your door. The mystery box of three to five items is sure to please. January's Box was revealed via periscope January 3rd. Needless to say the response was positive and filled with excitement as subscribers posted anxious and celebratorycomments.

Dr. Catherine-Nichole, owner and creative behind Crowned In Royalty has created a montly subscription where you simply complete a survey and choose between three style profiles. A box filled with accessories are delivered at a cost of $24.99, includes shipping. Each box is valued over $99. The Crown Me Queen Monthly Subscription Box is perfect for the stylish lady who is fashion forward, enjoys beautiful gifts, lives an on-the-go lifesyle, and loves to experiment with trending fashion and accessories. (A minature version is offered for $16).

Subscribe Today!

Cheers to January's Theme Box " Dont' Be A Rock When You Really Are A Gem" - Lauryn Hill

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