Crowned in Royalty Boutique  is an online Boutique which offers headwear and accessories designed by Catherine-Nichole, CEO and Visionary of Crowned in Royalty.  All products are handmade and created with a purpose of promoting confidence and beauty among women and girls. We provide a wide range of headwear options including bridal wear, wedding veils, fascinators, yoga headbands, chemotherapy headdress, natural hair headwear and accessories, turbans, and everyday headwear for all. 

Crowned in Royalty is a company that believes in giving back to the community. Crowned in Royalty provides scholarships, supports service projects, and promotes community service. Children and minorities are the primary recipients of our service efforts. Crowned in Royalty Boutique financially supports the mission and goals of improving the lives of those we serve. We opperate in the spirit of SANKOFA, an African expression meaning, "return and get".  Our service goal and vision for 2016 is to provide 1,000 Chemotherapy Headbands "Crowns" to Women and Girls Fighting Cancer and Conquering Chemotherapy. Visit our Indiegogo Campaign at http://igg.me/at/POttVgWnGww to see how you can share in our vision to spread love to those battling cancer while also incorporating "Education, Entrprenuership, and Apprenticeship as the means of accomplishing this goal. 


            Crowned in Royalty

""You are not fully dressed unless you're Crowned in Royalty"