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Hi, I'm Catherine-Nichole, and I help you identify your regalness through inspiration, style, education, and introspective healing that leads to self-love, clarity, and a purposeful abundant life. 

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Reaching Your Target Market Royally: How I SOLD OUT At Essence Festival 2016

How can I reach my target market? Where can I locate loyal clients? If these are your questions, please join us as we launch Reaching Your Target Market Royally: How I SOLD OUT at Essence Festival 2016.

Many of you are aspiring to increase your company's marketing presence and are looking for a means to increase sells. However, many small business have not implemented a plan for attracting loyal consumers

Reaching your auidence with the proper brand message along with other strategies is the key to more sells. But how is that possible? What is the difference between branding and marketing? Am I using analytics to properly propel my company to the next level? If these are your questions, then join us on Monday, August 1, 2016 at 7 pm EST as we launch Target Marketing Royally!

During this webinar you will learn:

* How to develop a well constructed brand message that will speak directly to the audience you serve ( Saves you advertising dollars and brain power).

* How to use existing data to create a consumer profile in order to increase marketing and branding strategies (Will increase ability to serve and increase brand consistency).

* How to enlarge your brand pressence by understanding geographical segmentation and client segmentation.

Since being terminated from my job and becoming the CEO of Crowned and Royalty, I have used this same model to generate income and SOLD OUT at Essence Festival 2016.

Are you ready to do the same for your company?

Tarket Marketing Royally! will elevate your mindset and provide strategies needed to create a custom brand message that is consistent and credible. Don't miss this chance.


This is an investment that you will easily get a return on by simply applying the principals.


This One Time LIVE Interactive WEBINAR will SELL OUT!

Don't wait until the last minute to enroll!

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