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Hi, I'm Catherine-Nichole, and I help you identify your regalness through inspiration, style, education, and introspective healing that leads to self-love, clarity, and a purposeful abundant life. 

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We've Launched Our African Print Head Wraps!

The month of June has been so exciting for Crowned in Royalty! It began April 21, 2016 with International Natural Hair Meet-up Day, an event hosted by Pamela Booker of Koils By Nature, and founded by Adeea R. Rodgers, known as the Trendy Socialite. We were a vendor for this event and decided that it would be a great opportunity to do a soft lauch of our Premade, Tieless African Print Head Wraps. It was one of the best decisions we could have made. The feedback was enourmous, not to mention, WE NEARLY SOLD OUT!

Embarking on something new creates an opportunity for personal growth and challenges ones ability to believe in his or her purpose. In this case, as an aspiring stylist and headwear designer, my goal is to provide what my clients need and desire. It's a vision to inspire self appreciation and reinforce confidence of every princess and queen adorned in a "CROWN".

The need for both stylish and protective headwear became a personal call to action. Having experienced alopecia for over twenty years, I'm familiar with the insecurity and negative self concious behavior and emotions associated with hair loss. Creating a solution to help others is the most rewarding feeling ever. So here's to a journey of growth that begins and never ends.

What Makes Our Head Wraps So Different?

When have you ever heard of a pre styled head wrap? You mean to tell me that I can rock a fun and fabulous head wrap without having to figure out how to wrap it, make it fit my head, and make sure it doesnt come off at the most inappropriate time. Yes! Our wrap is stylish and intelligent. Our patent pending concept is a three step process.

1. Cover the head with the underlying nylon cap

2. Pull fabric down to cover the back of head

3. Tuck hair and fluff fabric into desired style

Yep! It's that simple. Check out our African Print Head Wraps and make a statement. Crown Yourself In Royalty!

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