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Hi, I'm Catherine-Nichole, and I help you identify your regalness through inspiration, style, education, and introspective healing that leads to self-love, clarity, and a purposeful abundant life. 

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Breast Cancer Awareness & Empowerment Forum

On October 25, 2014, Crowned in Royalty in collaboration with C Squared Educational Consulting, Glenda Ross-Ball, and the Tabernacle of Alpha & Omega Church hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness and Empowerment forum. This event was designed to provide educational information, provide health screeenings, disseminate information regarding opportunities for personal growth. The community outreach opportunity was well attended. Attendees included parishioners of the church, parents of children attending mentoring program, individuals from the local community and other stakeholders. Attendees were awarded gifts, and prizes provided by Crowned in Royalty, LLC.

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