Regal Jewelry  & Accessories Delivered To Your Doorstep Monthly



Enjoy high quality and beautifully curated headwear, jewelry, and accessories.  All items are on trend and can be dressed across casual and contemporary styles. The retail value for contents inside the Crown Me Queen Box is $69 or more but ships to your door for $29.99 per month with free shipping. Every month you will experience the excitement of unwrapping a Crown Me Queen Box and discovering new items that display how regal you are. You'll never be more excited to see your mailman  once you start purchasing your box mostly. 

Take a Peek at the "January 2018 Style Box 


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The " Luxe Glam Queen" is a showstopper. She is not afraid to make a statment. Matter of fact, she is the statement!  She dares to be different and stands out from the crowd. She is luxurious and has expensive taste. She commands the attention of the room at all times. 

The " Tribal & Boho Queen" is a force to be reckoned with. She has impecable taste in style. She appreciates the beauty of art and culuture. She identifies herself as unrestricted, colorful, yet taseful. She's known for her abstract qualities and earthy appeal. 

The " Classic Queen" is elegant and romantic. Her preference is modern, however, she is far from basic. She has major appeal and tends to carch most off guard with her romantic aptitude. She is known for her consistency and regal style. 

        Tribal Queen 


Classic Queen