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You Too, Can Analyze Data Like Fortune 500

Companies To Increase Sales & Service Production!





As an entrepreneur, have you ever pondered or uttered these words, “When Will I Start Earning?”, or  “When Will I See The Evidence Of My Labor?” Here’s another, “Will It Ever Be My Time?”.  Well, maybe you can relate to this one. “Does This Get Any Easier And When Will I Get A Return On My Investment?”.


Truth is, I believe most of us self employed, born dreamers and visionaries have reached this point of reckoning at one point or another. We believe that our entrepreneurial journeys will expeditiously lead us to success (according to our own definition). We assume that this will happen sooner than later. Right?!... But what happens when sooner seems to drift further and more awkwardly away from your grip?  You know, like sweat falling from clenched fists-holding on to a dream that pride won’t let slip.  What could be happening? Where am I going wrong? Trust me. You are not alone. You’ve followed the rules, read the how-to books, perfected your product and pitch. You’ve followed the instructions of the hottest guru’s, paid  and overpaid for classes, invested in Facebook and Instagram ads… Now What?


I Get It! We’re only days into the President Donald Trump era and we’ve moved  beyond the initial shock of “How did he win?” to the realization that,“Our financial stability and economic well being can not be reliant on the president’s diplomacy nor governing action”.

Nevertheless, he’s in office, but it’s time for you to win!

Simply put, what’s missing from your game chart is your ANALYTICS. All successful companies and industries are data driven. Matter of fact, most of these companies spend more money on analytics than advertising. Consider this…


“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway.”

                                                                           Geoffrey Moore






Without analytics, your company is vulnerable. However, just owning analytics tools is not sufficient. You need to understand how to extract value from your analytics, adopt well-defined processes, have a clear business strategy, and maintain leadership support.  


Fortunately, there’s no need to look any further because you can  learn how to analyze data like Fortune 500 Companies in order to increase sales and service production!  I’m offering a rare opportunity to share my combined experience in research and education with my  expertise in retail and fashion industry as an accredited online boutique owner. It’s not often that you find a doctor of education, stylist and business professional  combined into one - willing to teach the “Data is to Dividends Method.”


During the one day, three hour class you will learn:

  • Strategies to improve sales performance specific to target audience and target market.

  • How to use observation as a key component for measuring, managing and optimizing products and services

  • How to increase and develop a data-driven mindset among company employees

  • How to write and develop an Analytics Measurement Plan

  • How to extract and apply value from Analytics Measurement Plan  

  • How to develop short and long term performance goals based on analytics


Analyze Data Like A Pro will increase your ability to evaluate progress and make sound judgment based on understanding and data driven information. Having a means of measuring productivity, services, initiatives, andcampaigns improves your company's value and  bottom dollar. Having a guide to coach you through the process is invaluable. Evidence based strategies for teaching and learning will make this interactive experience fun and exciting. 



Accept The Challenge. Become A Pro & Assess Your Company's Data. Watch Those Projections Turn Into Profits.

 Date: April 30, 2017 

Time: 7 PM EST



This is an investment that you will easily get a return on by simply applying the principals. LIVE Interactive WEBINAR will SELL OUT! Don't wait until the last minute to enroll!




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