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Welcome to Crowned in Royalty! Let's introduce you to Milly's Bows.
Milly's Bows is inspired by a combination of distinctive customs and traditions that head-gear and hair wraps represent in the history of  African American culture, religious practices, and American dress.  The longevity and significance of head-wear, wraps, and accessories has endured the travail of slavery and never passed out of fashion. The earliest known traditional hats in history were worn in thebes and seen on ancient Egyptian murals.  Wraps, hats, veils and hair accessories have also been worn as a "covering", used as an illustration of  submission to God.  Head-wear, Headwraps, hats, etc., represents far more than a piece of fabric worn around the head. 
Milly's Bows is a line of custom head-wear, hats, veils, bows, and other accessories  designed with a modern approach to style,  cherished by the African American tradition of hats worn as "Crowns".





Hair Accessories on Fleek: Crowned in Royalty Launches New Designs in Headwear, Hats, Wraps, and Bows




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