Salutations & Sunnies: Make Statements & Declarations Without Saying A Word


Hot summer days and steamy nights are the norm for the season. While statement style remains important for some during this time of year, it becomes more complex for others.



Comfort and fashionability can be achieved. Enhancing your look with enticing accessories and accents is a solution to maintain that standard of excellence for business, professional, and casual. I know what you're thinking. I’ve heard and experienced that very same intense sentiment.  “I  love statement necklaces but they leave me hot and bothered". Cheers to an even cooler solution.




 Let's trade that statement necklace in for a pair of super stunning  sunglasses. Take the "Baroque"Sunnies in Clear (as pictured above). They are  dominant and glamourous all by themselves. Moreover, they provide vision protection and 99% visibility which is important. What’s the point of wearing any kind of glasses if you can see?!



Take a look at the “Tigress” Cat Eye Sunglasses pictured above. They offer a combination of classic and retro style with a modern twist. You’ve got to love their gutsy and spunky energy.  If you’re wondering if you can rock this look. I’m here to suggest, “You Can”! Cat Eye Sunnies have a way of awakening our adventurous  and most fearless personalities.  The 50’s era is to blame for such fashion inspiration. There’s no need to downplay your style for the sake of the heat. Be cool. Instead, let your sunnies do the talking. Make strong declarations and announce yourself without saying a word.  



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