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Hi, I'm Catherine-Nichole, and I help you identify your regalness through inspiration, style, education, and introspective healing that leads to self-love, clarity, and a purposeful abundant life. 

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STRUT (Stand Together In Royalty, Unity, & Truth) With Cure Sickle Cell Foundation: September Is

Home is truly where the heart is. On August 15th my soul rejoiced at the opportunity to share in the vision of Demetrica "Dee" Bookert-Nixon and Larry Nixon in my hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. The Nixon's are the founders of the Cure Sickle Cell Foundation and have dedicated their lives to providing awareness, education, and research in an effort to cure the disease.

STRUT (Standing Together in Royalty, Unity and Truth) Children's Fashion Show was phenomenal to say the least. The fashion showcase featured the styles of local designers and entrepreneurs with a goal to promote family and community, fundraise for the Cure Sickle Cell Foundation, and to spotlight and recognize child survivors, their parents, and families. It was such an honor and rewarding experience to know that any one of the children in that room could be "The ONE". Just the thought that I was crowning the future doctor with the cure made my heart race. The idea that one of the beautiful brown angels standing before me could one day create a formula for healing brought an immense joy.

I must admit, I had a moment. I had a few moments that night to be honest. I held back the tears for many reasons. Suddenly it hit me. Not like a ton of bricks, but like the heaviest load lifted. This was not about my designs, styling, selling out, nor branding. This was about saying "Yes". Yes, I believe that God is a healer and that He has chosen a vessel that will cure all disease. Yes, I believe that there is strength in unity. Before I realized, what began as a moment turned into worship and prayer in my heart. The "Yes" became, "Lord, I trust You!" Although I knew I'd been styling angels with the disease, I didn't know specifically who. I continued to pray for all. I began to thank Him for meeting all medical and financial expenses of children and families. I thanked Him for lifting the burdens of the caretakers, mothers and fathers who sometimes feel as tho life is too much to bear. I thanked Him for being the God of all comfort.

It was close to showtime. I placed the last crown on the head of the softest- most beautiful, moist twistout. Tears formed in my eyes. I was so full. I tried my best to fight back the tears. She knew it. She tried to help by softly whispering, "your makeup is pretty". I thanked her and we smiled. There are moments in life that reassure that we are serving our purpose. This was one. God was saying, " I Am with you, and you are right where you need to be".

We Are Here To Serve

In my president Obama's voice, "Let's be clear". This is not about me! Better yet- it aint about me. I wanted to share my experience because it was enlightening and rewarding. I'd like to think that my involvement helped someone. Sometimes we lose focus and entertain that which doesn't deserve our time nor energy. Truth is, we have goals and dreams, but ultimately we are here to give as He has given unto us. Join me in this call to action- to serve Him by serving others. September is Sickle Cell Awareness Month. You can STRUT Your Stuff by giving your time, money, and or resources to improve the lives of many. Visit to make a difference. Thank you in advance.

Photography provided by D' Angelique Photography LLC.

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