Crowned in Royalty Empowerment Forum Ladies Night Out: Celebrating Women's History Month at the

Catherine Nichole, founder of Crowned in Royalty hosted "Ladies Night Out: Celebrating Women's History Month. On March 20th more than thirty girls and women attended the event held at The Tabernacle of Alpha & Omega Church located in Jackson, Mississippi, where Bishop Carolyn Coleman is pastor. The event was one of many community forums included in the Success Without Limits Empowerment Series aimed to create a network where kingdom minded individuals are supported, mentored, and provided spiritual support.

The theme for the event was centered around The Queen of Sheba and her journey to seek the treasures of King Solomon's Temple. What she found was the wisdom of God upon him as she proclaimed praises to the Lord. The evening affair consisted of prizes, instructional games, uplifting encouragement, fun and laughter. The intergenerational setting created an atmosphere of love and appreciated for women and our contributions to society.

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