This style box features a beautifully designed rose box filled with three pair of desirable earrings curated by designer, Catherine-Nichole.


The "Wood You Rather" earrings are an upgrade from traditional hoops. They are made of wood and such a solid staple. They were included in the style box because they represent strength and growth. Wood is a part of every culture and home, yet is often taken for granted. Remember, your strength and endurance is not to be taken for granted.


The "Wood You Rather" earrings are simultaneously super stylish and lightweight. The neutral beauty of the camel colored wood allows you to effortlessly coordinate with existing pieces.


The "Dainty Pink" metallic earrings are a classic beauty. They are a flattering, vibrant, Flossy Posse pink. They are included in the style box to affirm beauty and joy. Regardless of shape, flowers convey youth, innocence, and happiness.


The “Dainty Pink” earrings are super lightweight and will not tug at the earlobes, approximately 2 x 2 inches in diameter. These beauties create a mood of both elegance and sophistication.


"A Rose is Still a Rose" These beauties are a must have for the season. They are an inch in length and diameter. They serve as a simple reminder that you are a rose - symbolizing gratitude, grace, admiration and joy. Roses are said to be a reminder of God’s love at work in the world.


They are super stylish and lightweight. They're sophisticated and edgy at the same time. You have the option to choose which color earrings you desire on a first come, first serve basis. When purchasing, simply drop a line stating you'd like one of the following: Green Goddess, Magenta Magic, Blue Bliss, and Golden Goddess.

"February Royalty Rose" Stye Box

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